Faust, German Pavilion Venice Biennale 2017. Photographer: Nadine Fraczkowski; Courtesy: Anne Imhof

RESOLUTION is a magazine that combines essays, interviews, and artistic projects to confront the impact of the digital image. The digital image has liberated photography from printing techniques, from physical borders and from every possible distinction between maker and consumer. Up until quite recently, the development of photography has been relatively straightforward. The medium has grown from an elitist instrument and underestimated art form, to a massive product that also holds a dominant position in contemporary art. The digital image, however, has brought with it a new and complex social repercussion: the image has started to format reality itself. Whereas photography had once defined the locale of an exotic destination by defining a visual language intended for tourists, the digital image seems to have a more extensive effect: the world is now trying to adjust itself so that it can also circulate as an image.

The magazine RESOLUTION aims to analyse both the technical and ideological aspects of the digital image. RESOLUTION investigates the impact of the digital image by dissecting visual language, visual culture, and image production.

RESOLUTION will be released in spring 2019.

For more information, contact editor-in-chief Laurens Otto.